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Beachfront Cottage

This Trilogy Candle allows you to enjoy three harmonious fragrances and the soothing sound of a crackling wooden wick.

Each layer of wax contains a different fragrance that compliments the next so as the candle burns, each fragrance melts into the next, creating a unique new scent.

Soft Chambray - Relaxing and clean, this fragrance envelopes the senses with soft fabric and a subtle kiss of jasmine and rose; At the Beach - Scents of creamy coconut, cool sea breezes and tropical citrus; Tropical Oasis - Sends you away on an exotic excursion to white beaches and turquoise waters with the scents of tropical fruits and fresh, cool coconut.
Burn times; 
Large up to 120 hours
Medium up to 60 hours
Ellipse up to 30 hours